Haute Coiffure
Leaving the chair looking more like yourself than you ever thought possible.
That is our goal.

Tailoring a couture dress is a craft that few have mastered, at Madame de Pompadour we pride ourselves in having mastered the art of haute coiffure. Your hair perfectly tailored, until it fits you like a designer outfit. Made to measure.

In our gorgeous shop located on de oude gracht everyone is welcome. Don't be intimidated by the old fashioned opium denn aesthetics, we're not a brothel, we swear! Come in for a coffee and a consultation, we're not scary or snobby. You can sit with us!

Opening hours: Wed - Thu: 10:00 - 20:00, - Fri: 10:00 - 18:00, Sat: 10:00 - 17:00
Make an online reservation or give us a call at 030-8778394


What we do in the shadows

Haircut m/f/o €47,50
Barber cut m/f/o €47,50


Short-hair €52,50
Mid-hair €67,50
Long-hair €77,50
Highlights, balayage and bleaching starting from €77,50


Barber cut €47,50
Beard trim €25,-
Hot towel shave €35,-
Complete head & beard shave € 55,-

Other services

Custom wig styling
Workshops & demo’s
Trainingcourse for Hairdressers


Meet the artists at Madame
Madame de Pompadour herself, curator of talent, lover of weird movies and obscure horror flicks. She’ll look different every time you see her but weirdly enough always perfectly like herself. A woman that says no to fashion but yes, god yes, to style.

As your host her job is to make you truly feel at home. She knows talent and personality when she sees it and gathered an awesome team of weirdos for all your hairstyling needs. Even though Madame has taken a step back from taking appointments herself she does take special requests! Hairstyling for a celebration, styling (at) events, demo’s at schools, custom wig styling, you name it!
(Available on request)
For Romy every day is Halloween, but don’t let that fool you! She’s a sweetheart game nerd who loves animals more than you do. She also knows all the drag songs. Romy will make sure you leave the chair looking faaaab darling!

Who said only boys can get haircuts by a barber? They’ve obviously never met our resident barberella. In Romy’s chair, everyone looking for a short style is welcome for a cut, trim, or hot towel shave with that old school feel. She also does a killer make up job. Natural and subdued if you want, but she’ll beat your face into shape for an awesome drag look just as easily.
(Available from Wednesday till Saturday)
There is only one Fahra and damn, are we lucky to have her. She will always be honest with you and you’ll love her for it. She’s a proud Leo, Taurus rising, that’ll make the stars align for your new look. Fierce yet extremely empathetic she will make you feel seen and confident.

Technical color jobs and flowy cuts are what Fahra lives for. Our little alchemist will get you to that amazing platinum blonde, stunning unicorn manes or dye your hair a perfectly blended ombre. Her cuts are soft and have a natural vibe, not to be confused with boring! Ever seen a boring mermaid?
(Available from Wednesday till Saturday)
Besides being an absolute artist when it comes to hair, Charlotte is an avid photographer. This true dreamer oozes creativity and will use it all to make you look daaamn fine! A great addition to any trivia team as she can spout useless facts for hours, mostly about animals. Did you know that wombat poop is cube-shaped?

Charlotte absorbed the secrets of the great Vidal Sassoon whilst training in London. Cuts, colors and styling, she can do it all! But if you’ve always dreamed of a Bauhaus inspired architectural cut, maybe with a perfectly balanced color to match, she’s your woman. On the other end of the spectrum she creates beautiful soft, nonchalant up-do’s.
(Available from Thursday till Saturday)

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